Why engage with a staffing agency

Why engage with a staffing agency

When it comes to business, everyone has a main objective – Build and grow.

No matter what industry you are in, without revenue, your business won’t survive.

Every promotion, every event, every marketing activation has a story behind it, and in most cases it is to drive sales for overall increase in revenue.

Face to face marketing, experiential events and activation and promotions are effective to business and this is why businesses and brand are increasing their marketing budgets to create bigger and better!

When it comes to each event, activation and promotion, immense hours of strategy, planning, and managing stakeholders are involved – this is why you should outsource your staffing and engage with Flash Point Promotions.

Outsourcing your event and promotional staffing to Flash Point Promotions can only positively impact your business.

Utilizing our staffing services, will remove the burden of recruiting, screening, paperwork, inductions, training and staff project management. This is time, money and still with no guarantee of having quality staff.


Time is money. Hiring talented and reliable staff is crucial – you need quality staff, confident, engaging staff which takes hours of sorting applications, and hours of interviews, and I mean first hand 300 applications, 20 interviews and 4 successful.

That is not even taking the tedious work of also needing the correct due diligence of employment laws, compliance ,breaks, employment classifications, contracts, insurances, taxes, labour hire laws just to name a few things.


Flash point promotions can take the stress out of planning, tracking, training and managing staff – so you can focus on your business or brand. The stresses that are common are (Last minute staff being sick, did the staff member work those hours, staff in incorrect uniform, what happens if someone injures themselves?)


Flash Point Promotions provides immense flexibility. Being able to hire staff on demand temporarily with no string attached with no admin. Hiring and outsourcing your staffing solutions are an investment, we have motivated, trained, experienced, well presented and outgoing staff to fit your business, brand with a diverse criteria of staff.

Reliability and Professionalism

When you outsource your staffing services to Flash Point Promotions you are really paying for reliability. If someone cancels, Flash Point Promotions can have back up staff within an hour.

We are professional, and ask all the need to know questions to best serve you.


Flash Point Promotions has experienced staff, that have worked with a range of consumers. Being able to improvise and adapt in different situations, by day working at a kids workshop, and at night a corporate event. Being able to provide information on your business or product with second to none customer service and confident engagement.

We supply quality staffing solutions for Trade Shows, Expos, Conventions, Exhibitions, truck shows, boat shows and Conferences. Whether you are looking for outgoing, confident and out there staff that are still well presented to promote and be the face of your brand – or whether you are look for promotional models to meet and greet. We have staffing options to suit your requirements.


Check out our work : https://www.flashpointpromotions.com.au/job-gallery/ Request a quote : https://www.flashpointpromotions.com.au/contact-us/ Make a booking enquiry : https://www.flashpointpromotions.com.au/booking-form/


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What to avoid in the Face to Face Marketing and Promotional Staffing Industry

What to avoid in the Face to Face Marketing and Promotional Staffing Industry


When it comes to hiring promotional staff, event staff and face to face marketing staff, it can be underestimated.

A lot of people think, that you make a few calls and your are set with a promotional team.

That is where you have gone wrong – People can put a front on in a quick phone call, they may seem confident and reliable, but when it comes to the day of work – you stumble across no shows, people calling in sick, and poor performance.

With our industry experience, we have collated what to avoid doing in the promotional staffing and event staffing industry.


  1. Do you pick a Recruitment Agency or A Talent Agency?

When it comes to industry specific, it is best to turn to the right company for the right talent. If you are looking for an ongoing part time employee – A recruitment company is your best option. However, if you are looking for casual, on demand temporary staffing solutions – Flash point promotions is your best option. When you engage with us, we are responsible for, catering to your requirements, managing staff, logistics of staff and total project management of your staffing services.


  1. Expect what you have advised

If you are not specific on what you are looking for from the initial point of call, your expectations wont be met. It is important to advise what you are looking for – Whether it’s a criteria of having all female staff, a certain age group, skill set, qualifications, or total objective of the event, promotion you are holding. If you do not advise your expectations, we cannot adhere to them.


  1. Never DIY

When it comes to DIY, save it for at home painting and repairs. Never Hire in house personnel, unless you have a team member dedicated to management of them, recruitment and total project management.

If you are thinking you will save money, it will only cause you stress long term.

What you don’t see that is involved, is the back end work – Interviews, training, inductions, paper work, payroll – and you don’t even know if they are reliable, have a good work ethic or can work!

Always outsource to a professional staffing agency.


  1. Get creative

When it comes to face to face marketing, and promotional activations you have to get creative.

The sky is the limit – if you are using promotional models and not sure what to use them for to boost your brand, ask for advice. Our services are tailored – whether they are utilized for a digital marketing campaign, a photo shoot we can still help!

Think outside of the box.


We love helping you get the most out of your event, promotion or whatever it is for you creative minds!

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Why effective communication should be at the core of what you do

When it comes to anything, Running a business, Managing Clients, Hiring, Firing,  Managing stakeholders and Managing staff Communication is key to success.

Communication not done at all is unprofessional, Communication done poorly is incompetent, Communication done right – is Fundamental

  1. Builds Teams and Team Culture

With leaders that encourage open communication in the workplace, this creates a more effective team. Communication within business boosts employee morale, work ethic and environment.

When employees are well informed of the businesses direction they will feel more secure. When employees are able to communicate openly in meetings regularly this creates, innovation. When employees feel comfortable to communicate with the leaders, they will perform better and have a clear vision on their work.

When employees feel comfortable in openly communicating new ideas, cooperation and innovation will be at an all-time high. In addition, if staff are unable to convey their ideas due to limited communication skills, it is likely that the idea will not be implemented to its full potential.

2. Ensures Transparency

When you communicate regularly with your internal staff and team and with external clients and stakeholders,  Businesses remain more transparent. It builds trust to your business and your services

3. Grows your Business

Yes, a bold statement. However, a lack of communication can put your business in turmoil.

Communication can lead to further productivity from your staff which will enhance tasks being completed quicker. Communication done right, can also increase business – Communication is project management, Managing communication from initial contact to the end, and following a client up, having policies and procedures in place on when and why to communicate.


Labour Hire Licenced Staffing Agency

With the introduction of the new Labour Hire Licencing Laws – Temporary Staffing Agency Suppliers must adhere to obtaining a labour hire licence.

Flash Point Promotions has an up to date report and certificate that certifies our agency as an approved labour hire service provider.

Not sure if your business falls under the industry laws? Check out information on the licencing below, and before you engage with an agency, check that they are licenced and up to date.


Check out our work : https://www.flashpointpromotions.com.au/job-gallery/

Request a quote : https://www.flashpointpromotions.com.au/contact-us/ Make a booking enquiry : https://www.flashpointpromotions.com.au/booking-form/

What Are Hostesses & Hosts

What are hostesses and hosts, and what do they do?

Hostesses and Hosts do a range of role, for a range of industries – A hostess/host in a hospitality setting is different to hostess/host for an expo, it is a case by case/industry by industry kind of thing.

Hostesses and Hosts are hired usually to meet, greet, direct, converse and make guests or customers feel comfortable. Adding that extra care to your guests or clients.

What are the duties of a hostess/host?

Duties and job descriptions are not limited to the following;

  • Stage hostesses for awards, presentations, charity functions, corporate events and galas
  • Hospitality Hostesses
  • Corporate Sporting Hostesses for Corporate Boxes at Sporting events and games
  • Trade show and Expo Hostesses
  • FOH (Front of house) Hostesses for A Class Hotels, Restaurants and event settings

Flash Point Promotions supplies Professional Hostesses and Hosts to Brands and Business.
Whether you are looking from one hostess and or host to 50 hostesses and hosts for a large event, activation or marketing campaign Flash Point Promotions can assist, with total quality even with high volume requests.

Our staffing solutions of Hostesses and Hosts are hand picked and are chosen based on your requirements, you can even chose who you would like for your event!
If you are after a certain ‘look’, skill-set, background, knowledge, qualifications & certifications and even down to experience.

Our Hostesses and Hosts have worked at;
– Annual Fundraises – Luncheons – Charity Galas – Exhibitions – Seminars – Conferences – Corporate Concierge – Congress – PR Activations – Awards Evenings – Product Launches – Corporate Charity Events – Fundraiser Luncheons – Marketing Events – Marketing Activation – General business promotion – New store opening launches – Property Open For Inspections – Photo Shoots – Private Events – Retailer Promotions – Expos – Trade Shows – Boat Shows – Luxury events – Pop up activation – Marketing Campaigns

Temporary tailored staffing solutions to fit your scale and scope!

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