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Tips for Experiential Marketing Strategies

Scalable experiential marketing strategies provide brands a creative, engaging solution to generate revenue, drive loyalty and reset perceptions. Scalability is one thing we love about experiential marketing. A good experiential marketing campaign is designed with scale in mind. It’s in the early planning and idealisation stages when you should evaluate how the overall activation can be scaled up or […]

Event Staff Brisbane | Event Staff Sunshine Coast | Event Staff Gold Coast

Whether you are looking for 1 event staff member or 100 event staff members we can cater small and large scale event staffing requests! We have event staff around South-East Queensland from Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich and even other regional or rural areas. If we don’t have enough available crew in […]

Scale your E-commerce business

It is true, at first glance people may think starting an e-commerce business is easy, growing an e-commerce is easy, and staying present and on trend is easy. Well News Flash, it is no as easy as it sounds! Sure, there are countless e-commerce success stories out there, but the practical details behind the success […]

How do you become a brand ambassador

How do you become a brand ambassador Time and time again, we receive applicants, invite them to an interview and ask them “What is your expectation of your role?” Most interviewees find themselves stumbling on their words, and basically unsure what roles you could be considered for and what you would be doing. So, if […]

What is Multi-Touch Marketing?

Multi-touch campaigns reach your target market with a consistent message in a variety of formats to reinforce your brand and message. With a Multi-touch campaign you can maximise effectiveness by reaching out to prospects in a variety of ways at one time. Which is ultimately the perfect marketing strategy for brand awareness, increased sales and […]

Common Promotional Marketing mistakes (lessons)

There is so much to take in when it comes to planning, executing and finalising a Promotional Marketing Campaign, Event, Function or Activation. We cover the common Promotional Marketing mistakes, or should we say lessons! Not Outsourcing to Experts  Okay, if you are an absolute octopus and guru with so much time, expertise and resources […]

What does Brand Activation mean

Brand Activation Definition Whether you are a start-up, an established brand launching a new or improved product, or just wanting to get your brand out there with a unique approach, Brand Activation’s may be the next marketing campaign you do. Brand activation’s have become popular, over the years and have been forecast to be the […]

Q&A Interview with Eventurous Director: Michelle Harrington

This is a Q&A Interview with Michelle Harrington, Director of Eventurous, and hosted by Heidi Hamilton, Director of Flash Point Promotions Download the Q&A INTERVIEW by PDF here! Heidi: Let’s get stuck into it Michelle! Tell us a bit about you! Michelle: Certainly, my name is Michelle Harrington and I am the founder and director […]