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Finding an agency in Brisbane, The Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding can be difficult; whether you are looking for high class hostesses, male corporate models or corporate event staff. Working with Flash Point Promotions means peace of mind knowing you will be provided with quality staff to your requirements. We dig deep, get to know you and your business to be able to provide the perfect staff for you. We provide corporate and luxury event assistance for a range of industy sectors.


Hostesses & Hosts


Our Hostesses and Hosts don’t just turn up to an event, we are the face of your event. Our hostesses and hosts provide VIP customer service and hospitality, sales assistance, event support, greeting management, exceptional brand representation and wonderful first/lasting impressions.

Corporate Hostesses and hosts or key for Luncheons, Functions, Events, Annual Events, Charity Galas, Balls, Sporting Events, Product Launches, Boat Shows and Expos.

Corporate Promotional Models and Event Staff


Our Corporate Promotional Models and Event Staff work as an extension of your business – Providing brand awareness and recognition for brand and businesses, generating leads and collecting data, providing quality customer service and hospitality assistance.

Corporate promotional models and event staff are vital for Property Expos, New Estate Launches, Yacht Shows, Sporting Events and Corporate Events

As a trusted industry leader for over 10 years, when you engage with Flash Point Promotions you are guaranteed a customised and personal service for you and your business – As we understand no business has the same expectations or requirements.

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The Importance of connections using Corporate Promotional Models | Hosts & Hostesses

Brisbane Hostess Agency | Providing Quality Hostess’s Hosts | Promotional Models | Corporate Event Hostess’s |

The Importance of connections using Corporate Promotional Models & Hostesses

Creating connections and relationships in business in vital. While the world is evolving, it is becoming harder to achieve this for many businesses and brands as it takes time to manage and network efficiently and effectively.

For businesses and brands building and managing client relationships or networking with different stakeholders. Engaging with Flash Point Promotions means to wipe that off of your to do list completely.

With over 10 years of industry experience within Corporate Events, Marketing and Promotions Flash Point can offer staffing solutions to take care of your clients, guests for corporate events and functions.

Utilizing Corporate Promotional Models and Hostesses will;

  • Save you and your business time of countless networking, meeting and greeting clients, guests and other stakeholders
  • Make a great first impression
  • Decrease your work load
  • Increase potential revenue

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Organising Promotions

The Big 5 ‘W’s When Organising a Promotion

When it comes to organising, and planning promotions it is crucial to collaborate your who, what, where, when and why for your promotions or event.

Having the in-depth research and back ground for the big 5 W’s will increase the success and audience.

We have outlined Who, What, Where, When and Why when it comes to planning and organising your next promotional marketing campaign.


Ok, so you don’t have an idea yet on what you are promoting or what event it may be. But you want to figure out who you want to be your target market. Collating information from previous campaigns, promotions or events can help significantly, however if this is your first promotion you will need to do in depth research. If you are think about promoting a new kids sun block or a new alcoholic beverage you will need to determine you who, what where and when within one point.

Your target market needs to be relevant, according to your brand, achievable when including your where/when/why/what.


What you are promoting should really be the first point out of all to figure out the other 4 W’s – as they are all significantly impacted on what the product or brand may be.


The Beach, The Shopping Mall, The Park, The Airport, The hottest club – Figuring out your where in respect of holding your Promotion or Event is detrimental to make sure you have the right crowd and at the right time.


So, you are almost there. Only two more W’s to go! This aspect is an essential element for you to have the most success out of your next promotion. When will you be holding it? Such a broad question, will it be in Summer, Winter or will it be in raining weather, hot weather. Determining your when can help adjust where you will be holding your event, so you can get the most of your audience in one location.


The last point that is one to miss, but probably the most crucial factor of all. Why, is this promotion relevant, why will my audience enjoy, why are we hosting it, why are we pushing for this promotion.

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