Bring the people power to your Marketing!


Multiple platforms and avenues of Marketing is absolutely crucial in today’s generation – It is becoming more significant that businesses, companies and brands are taking marketing to a whole new level.

As their competitors are doing more, reaching out and collaborating with other businesses, and overall just doing more marketing which means everyone in this sector needs to be doing something ‘different’ to their competitors!

From Social Media Platforms to your old school bread and butter marketing in the newspaper, radio and television ads, you see, and you hear marketing everywhere!

A lot of brands, businesses and companies lose that human touch and human connection by not utilising Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors to bring their brand, service or business to life!

Our clients have found the most powerful tool in marketing is people.

Having that people power behind your brand, company or business to showcase and support what you have to offer and your difference in the market. Using Promotional Staff can make a massive impact on your brand recognition, Brand Awareness, Business leads, sales and data collection.

Let’s talk about how Flash Point Promotions and our Promotional Staff, Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models and Staff can bring the grunt and the people power to your marketing campaigns:

Product Launches:

Product Launches allows consumers to see your product in real life, touch it, smell it, maybe even taste it! Utilising promotional staff to engage with people, answer any FAQ’s and hand out samples or sell your product!

You will get REAL life feedback from consumers and potential customers.

Business Seminars:

Whether you are hosting an IT Seminar, A Business Seminar or Marketing Seminar promoting your seminar to boost attendees, guest satisfaction and potential sales. Having staff hand out promotional material and assisting guests with general questions.

Corporate Events and Functions:

Staffing your Corporate Events and Functions is important to make sure your event is smooth sailing and comes together in one piece! Whether you require staff to assist guests with registration, greeting, seating and handing out of promotional material, canapés and drinks for your guests – This will create a lasting impression and guest satisfaction!

New Retail Space Launch & Residential Property Launch:

Fantastic PR for your new retail space or residential property launch with utilising Promotional Staff to showcase the launch and increase foot traffic onsite! Having staff help promote the launch of your new restaurant, store, full retail precinct or residential property is a must!

Increasing traffic flow is the ultimate goal for this style of launch – Handing out product samples of new retailers, showing people through the new residential space and having booklets, drinks, food and other events & promotions going on so people come back and spend!

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Key Qualities Promotional Staff Require

We’ve seen it all, the good staff, the bad staff and the staff you wish you did not even interview.

Over the years we have learnt the traits you need to look for when you are hiring new Promotional Staff.

Your staff are representing your company, your brand, you as a business owner or employee, your clients company and their brand so you will need well-presented staff that are professional and confident.

A lot of people see Promotional Staff as just looks, but hey it is not all about looks – We have outlined the following attributes and key qualities you should look for when hiring new staff;


Confidence is the main trait you need In promotional staff. You can tell if people are shy over the phone by how they converse, check out their social media profiles and how they may portray themselves – a picture can tell a 1000 words!

If you do meet in person, check out their attire, how they converse, their body language and how they keep the conversation going and if it is engaging.


Take note of communication, how do they communicate? Do they keep the conversation flowing and interesting or are they keeping the conversation closed and awkward? When I interview new staff I make it the most comfortable and casual setting, I find this more beneficial as they be themselves andI want to get to know the real them. I find even before you meet in person you can find out within the first 30 seconds on the phone if they will be a good fit for the team.


This is one that is easy to pick out, but also easy to miss with how they portray themselves in the interview, they might shy away their true self. I once interviewed a girl who boasted about her achievements and how she would not want to do certain jobs as she is better than doing basic shifts or work, I respect that she might be more skilled, but you know what – Don’t apply. We love staff that are able to spread their experience and wisdom to all positions and roles.

Autonomous & Proactive;

Get them thinking on the spot! Yep, put them on the spot in the interview, get them off guard, no matter how awkward it is while they are trying to think for an answer. This way you will find out whether they can improvise, are proactive and can think of things autonomously.


Take note from the time they get back to you for a phone interview and the time they arrive to an interview. From time and experience I have learnt that if someone is late to an interview, do not even bother interviewing them. This is the first impression to you – The BOSS, imagine what they would be like with your jobs.

Nothing is more worse when a client has prepared an excellent event, but your staff are not on time or don’t show!

We hand pick our staff through phone interviews and face to face interviews. We understand the importance of meeting all of our staff to see how they interact, their approach, confidence and if their qualities reflect on what we require. This is one of Flash Point Promotion’s key differences – meeting all of their staff and creating a family not just a team!

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Promotional Staff

What are Promotional Staff?

‘What are Promotional Staff?’ – I get asked this question day in day out, when I am in a conversation with someone about running a Staffing Agency and what I do.

Putting it simply, Promotional Staff are employed by a business to promote their services or brand.

So what are Promotional Staff?

Promotional Staff are brand representatives that are hired to promote a product, service, business or company. Mostly hired by event management companies, shopping centres and companies choosing to promote themselves.

Where do you see Promotional Staff?

You have probably seen thousands of them, they are everywhere! From beaches, busy streets, trade shows, corporate events, VIP events, functions, shopping centres, music festivals and sporting events. They are usually geared up in the brands apparel to increase the brands recognition so they look like the staff of the brand they are promoting.

What do Promotional Staff do?

Promotional Staff does not just mean staff  standing there handing out fliers – Our Promotional Staff conduct the following:

Product launches, product samples, flyer distribution, data capturing, lead collection and more.

Our Promotional staff can cover you for Brand Activations and Experiential Marketing.

What other staff do you have?

We don’t just have Promotional Staff – We have Brand Ambassadors, Character Mascot Suit Staff, Promotional Models, Bar Staff, Wait Staff, Door Girls, Hostesses, Greeters – We have you covered for your Promotional Campaigns and Events!

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Get your business to stand out in the crowd.

You cant stand out from your local competitors if you dont know what theyre doing. You may not be able to visit your competitors yourself without raising suspicion, but have trusted sources such as your friends or family members that can mystery shop to check them out in person.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes, you should check out the competitors online marketing platforms, this will help you find out what they are doing in the community, their special offers and the type of content that they post.

Now, what can your business do different to stand out?

In order to activate your brand and connect with potential customers, it is key to create a marketing campaign that generates excitement and engagement around your brand awareness. To stand out from your competitors you need to think BIG and think small. Standing out does not mean shifting your entire marketing strategy, sometimes it’s the little things that count!

Starting with having a solid team for an activation or campaign d is crucial, Flash Point Promotions can assist with all of your staffing needs – From 1 man events, lengthy campaigns to large events.

You have assessed your competition, assessed the market now it is time to plan the attack!

Here are some ideas to set your business apart from its competitors

  • Have a family fun day dedicated to the community at or near your business, this will help with networking and getting your name out there! Using Character Mascot Suit Staff will be the tip of a great family fun day!
  • Using our Brand Ambassadors to engage your customers on a new item on your menu close to your business
  • Launching your small business? Launch it the right way using our bar staff, hostesses and greeters – Your guests will be treated A Class.
  • Treat your top clients and customers to a VIP night, our Promotional Staff are able to assist with all your staffing requirements.

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Promotional Marketing Campaign

Simple steps to executing a successful Promotional Campaign

Like the old saying you live and you learn. Some of your promotional campaigns will be an absolute hit with success and then others may be a miss, don’t take this in a completely negative way, take it as learning curves and what works best for your business.

Promotional Campaigns take time, practice, wisdom and knowledge to ace. Get creative and innovative, take a good look at what your competitors are doing for their promotional campaigns, do your research so your first campaign can be successful.

Here’s our top 6 tips to provide the baseline in developing a strategy for planning to market your next Promotional Campaign.

1.Identify your goal

Many Promotional campaigns fail due to lack of focus over time. Getting to the point of your campaign coming to date is a huge goal ticked off of your list, you have been creative and crafted great ideas for it to get this far, stick to your goals and your list to stay on track.

Make sure your list of goals has a benchmark of what you want to achieve for the campaign and what you will need to do to get there. Creating a timeline and including benchmarks, this will help you have your priorities straight and have a clear goal.

2. Understand your target market

Knowing who your consumers are is the most important part of any successful promotional marketing campaign. Understanding your demographic, gender, age group, appearance and what drives them to make a purchase will help what location you will have the campaign and what you will do for the campaign.

3.Create a budget

Failure from a Promotional campaign can simply be from not creating a firm budget for their event.  I always say to clients, always keep a little room and have some left aside in your budget, because chances are you will need to dig deeper in your budget throughout the campaign.

4. Timing is of the essence

Tracking time, and paying attention to the time for your events is a crucial step. For example, a promotional campaign for a product launch of a new ice cream in Winter would not be ideal, as this is not the peak market period. Do your research and keep track of time.

5. It’s all about the consumer

Put yourself in the consumers shoes, when one of your favourite brands has a sale, you will go and spend big. Being the consumer, you can create a campaign created to appeal to your target audience, chances are they are going to make a spend.

6. Learn where you failed and succeeded

Data and Stats for not so great campaign are as important to track and study as events that have succeeded. This will allow you to learn from your mistakes and help you predict latest trends and what consumers like to see. Allowing yourself to track your campaign at each stage will create your next campaign to be easier as you will have valuable information on what you will be next.