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Flash Point Promotions is Australia’s leading boutique staffing agency, specializing in providing quality staffing solutions in NSW, QLD, VIC, SA, WA, and regional and rural areas on request.

With over 11 years of establishment, our Corporate team has a solid reputation within the industry in providing Hostesses, Promotional Models specific to your requirements.

Through our years of experience, we have had great pleasure working and meeting excellent males and females who have personalities like no other, great education, clean and crisp presentation, and good communication skills and background, all of which we find is important to any Hostess or Promotional Model – Here are our top tips to hiring the perfect Hostess.

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When it comes to Corporate Events, Luxury Galas, Charity Balls the hostesses or models you hire are required to have the background to be able to relate to guests, attendees, and customers. Hostesses and Models that are able to think on their feet, improvise in situations, work hard under pressure can all be crucial to a smooth event.


All of our staff understand that each event they are working on is not just something you ‘show up to’, they understand they are the face of your brand and business. Always maintaining a professional image, clean and crisp make-up, neat hair, clean nails, and classy uniform to pair goes a long way.

Flash Point Promotions supplies Professional Hostesses and Hosts to Brands and Businesses.
Whether you are looking from one hostess and or host to 50 hostesses and hosts for a large event, activation, or marketing campaign Flash Point Promotions can assist, with total quality even with high volume requests.

Our staffing solutions of Hostesses and Hosts are handpicked and are chosen based on your requirements, you can even choose who you would like for your event!
If you are after a certain ‘look’, skill-set, background, knowledge, qualifications & certifications and even down to experience.

Our Hostesses and Hosts have worked at;
– Annual Fundraises – Luncheons – Charity Galas – Exhibitions – Seminars – Conferences – Corporate Concierge – Congress – PR Activations – Awards Evenings – Product Launches – Corporate Charity Events – Fundraiser Luncheons – Marketing Events – Marketing Activation – Gener

al business promotion – New store opening launches – Property Open For Inspections – Photo Shoots – Private Events – Retailer Promotions – Expos – Trade Shows – Boat Shows – Luxury events– Pop up activation – Marketing Campaigns – Conventions – Exhibitions – Functions 

Flash Point Promotions offers a Corporate and Luxury staffing division with experienced Hostesses, Hosts, Promotional Models and VIP Event assistant staff.


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The Importance of connections using Corporate Promotional Models | Hosts & Hostesses

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The Importance of connections using Corporate Promotional Models & Hostesses

Creating connections and relationships in business in vital. While the world is evolving, it is becoming harder to achieve this for many businesses and brands as it takes time to manage and network efficiently and effectively.

For businesses and brands building and managing client relationships or networking with different stakeholders. Engaging with Flash Point Promotions means to wipe that off of your to do list completely.

With over 10 years of industry experience within Corporate Events, Marketing and Promotions Flash Point can offer staffing solutions to take care of your clients, guests for corporate events and functions.

Utilizing Corporate Promotional Models and Hostesses will;

  • Save you and your business time of countless networking, meeting and greeting clients, guests and other stakeholders
  • Make a great first impression
  • Decrease your work load
  • Increase potential revenue

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Key Qualities Promotional Staff Require

We’ve seen it all, the good staff, the bad staff and the staff you wish you did not even interview.

Over the years we have learnt the traits you need to look for when you are hiring new Promotional Staff.

Your staff are representing your company, your brand, you as a business owner or employee, your clients company and their brand so you will need well-presented staff that are professional and confident.

A lot of people see Promotional Staff as just looks, but hey it is not all about looks – We have outlined the following attributes and key qualities you should look for when hiring new staff;


Confidence is the main trait you need In promotional staff. You can tell if people are shy over the phone by how they converse, check out their social media profiles and how they may portray themselves – a picture can tell a 1000 words!

If you do meet in person, check out their attire, how they converse, their body language and how they keep the conversation going and if it is engaging.


Take note of communication, how do they communicate? Do they keep the conversation flowing and interesting or are they keeping the conversation closed and awkward? When I interview new staff I make it the most comfortable and casual setting, I find this more beneficial as they be themselves andI want to get to know the real them. I find even before you meet in person you can find out within the first 30 seconds on the phone if they will be a good fit for the team.


This is one that is easy to pick out, but also easy to miss with how they portray themselves in the interview, they might shy away their true self. I once interviewed a girl who boasted about her achievements and how she would not want to do certain jobs as she is better than doing basic shifts or work, I respect that she might be more skilled, but you know what – Don’t apply. We love staff that are able to spread their experience and wisdom to all positions and roles.

Autonomous & Proactive;

Get them thinking on the spot! Yep, put them on the spot in the interview, get them off guard, no matter how awkward it is while they are trying to think for an answer. This way you will find out whether they can improvise, are proactive and can think of things autonomously.


Take note from the time they get back to you for a phone interview and the time they arrive to an interview. From time and experience I have learnt that if someone is late to an interview, do not even bother interviewing them. This is the first impression to you – The BOSS, imagine what they would be like with your jobs.

Nothing is more worse when a client has prepared an excellent event, but your staff are not on time or don’t show!

We hand pick our staff through phone interviews and face to face interviews. We understand the importance of meeting all of our staff to see how they interact, their approach, confidence and if their qualities reflect on what we require. This is one of Flash Point Promotion’s key differences – meeting all of their staff and creating a family not just a team!

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Promotional Staff

What are Promotional Staff?

‘What are Promotional Staff?’ – I get asked this question day in day out, when I am in a conversation with someone about running a Staffing Agency and what I do.

Putting it simply, Promotional Staff are employed by a business to promote their services or brand.

So what are Promotional Staff?

Promotional Staff are brand representatives that are hired to promote a product, service, business or company. Mostly hired by event management companies, shopping centres and companies choosing to promote themselves.

Where do you see Promotional Staff?

You have probably seen thousands of them, they are everywhere! From beaches, busy streets, trade shows, corporate events, VIP events, functions, shopping centres, music festivals and sporting events. They are usually geared up in the brands apparel to increase the brands recognition so they look like the staff of the brand they are promoting.

What do Promotional Staff do?

Promotional Staff does not just mean staff  standing there handing out fliers – Our Promotional Staff conduct the following:

Product launches, product samples, flyer distribution, data capturing, lead collection and more.

Our Promotional staff can cover you for Brand Activations and Experiential Marketing.

What other staff do you have?

We don’t just have Promotional Staff – We have Brand Ambassadors, Character Mascot Suit Staff, Promotional Models, Bar Staff, Wait Staff, Door Girls, Hostesses, Greeters – We have you covered for your Promotional Campaigns and Events!

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