QLD Staffing Agency – Frequently Asked Questions

Time and time again I have potential clients asking the same questions. Usually because they have never worked with a Promotional Staffing Agency or they have had a bad experience in the past with another Staffing Agency.We have listed below our most frequently asked questions from potentail clients.

  • What is your point of difference

Flash Point Promotion’s point of difference is service, being a boutique local agency, it really gives us the advantage to be personable with our staff and our clients. We are small in the areas that count and we don’t treat you just like a number. We have competitive pricing, yet this does not effect the quality of our staff.

  • Do you have experience in doing this?

Flash Point Promotions has been running successfully for over 11 years our staff have experience within your industry. Hospitality, Clubs, Bars, Fitness, Administration, Food, beverage, Shopping Centres, Music Festivals, Sporting Clubs and the list goes on.

  • Who are your most top clients

Our top clients are Major Shopping Centres, Event Management Companies, National Brands, SME’s across a range of different industries including – Property, Construction, Accounting, Beauty, Government,

  • What do you specialise in

Flash Point specialises in all your staffing requirements, from Street Teams, Marketing and Promotional Campaigns, Branding Activations, Small jobs that could be flier distribution all the way to large jobs that require full service staffing. Food & Beverage, Racing, Retail, and Sporting.

  • How do you recruit your staff?

Our recruiting is done all in house, we do all the recruiting ourselves! – The reason why is we are so picky. We screen all of our candidates through an extensive process – We do an initial ‘casual’ interview on skype, from there we do an ‘open day’ at the office – we invite all candidates at one time this is really to get an idea and to see how they interact with strangers. Then we have a group interview and then a one on one interview. This process shows if they are well-presented, confident, outgoing, professional, engaging and still naturally the life of the party, which is all our specific requirements. If we are only recruiting a few people at one time we will do just individual interviews. We like to get to know all our staff and they are considered as employees not contractors.

  • What are your most popular jobs

Sometimes it can come down to the Season, Different Annual Holidays and even School Holidays. However, all year round would be Corporate Events, Functions, Golf Days, Expos, Festivals, Shopping centre activations – this includes product launches, flier distribution, sampling, store launches and more.

  • What are your fees

We understand no business is the same and requirements are different to everyone, which means we provide a tailored quote. To determine your staffing cost we take into account the event – How many staff – Duration per staff – The amount of days – if we are arranging uniforms or costumes – and the role worked.

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Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution – Is it still effective?

I know what you are thinking. In such a technology based digital age how can flyer distribution be effective or in fashion?

In such a digital age emails and social media have become some of the most important platforms and tools for online marketing.

However, how often do you open those spam emails? How often do you read the Facebook posts about 20% off at a store and visit that shop?

Flyer Distribution is a very easy way to spread knowledge rapidly, our staff on average will hand out between 300 – 500 flyers in a 3 hour high traffic time frame. With a marketing plan, an interesting call to action, productive methods of distribution and great staff Flyer Distribution can work in your favour!

We have listed the top 3 reasons why Flyer Distribution is still effective:

  1. Cost Effective

Have a small budget? No worries – unlike other forms of advertising flyer distribution is cost effective. Using a trusted advertising agency you will get premium quality for a low cost! Utilising Flash Point Promotions staff will also fit into a budget that may be slim – we will help recommend days, time and areas that will be effective for your target market!

  1. Strategic and Targeted Marketing  

When it coming to strategic and targeted marketing it can be a lot more  simple than any other medium. All that is required is to set up your flyer, help with the design, come up with an interesting call to action for your potential customers and research a high traffic location still in close proximity of your business. At least this way it is getting to your target market and lots of your audience in a short amount of time, rather than an email sent to 1000 possible customers with 50 of them opening it for under 10 seconds and 30 of them living overseas.

  1. It’s creative and beyond tech

You have all of the creative freedom do design how you would like, and plan an interesting call to action! Certain areas where it is difficult to get in touch with a large audience in a small time through digital medium, flyers can be a great alternative method! They can be distributed easily and people can have a look at them on the go, making it easy for businesses to reach out to those who are not on digital platforms.

So, look at Flyer Distribution in another way, It’s like double denim and overalls – It’s an acquired taste and not everyone does it – But it’s in fashion, it’s trendy and it is still effective.

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Organising Promotions

The Big 5 ‘W’s When Organising a Promotion

When it comes to organising, and planning promotions it is crucial to collaborate your who, what, where, when and why for your promotions or event.

Having the in-depth research and back ground for the big 5 W’s will increase the success and audience.

We have outlined Who, What, Where, When and Why when it comes to planning and organising your next promotional marketing campaign.


Ok, so you don’t have an idea yet on what you are promoting or what event it may be. But you want to figure out who you want to be your target market. Collating information from previous campaigns, promotions or events can help significantly, however if this is your first promotion you will need to do in depth research. If you are think about promoting a new kids sun block or a new alcoholic beverage you will need to determine you who, what where and when within one point.

Your target market needs to be relevant, according to your brand, achievable when including your where/when/why/what.


What you are promoting should really be the first point out of all to figure out the other 4 W’s – as they are all significantly impacted on what the product or brand may be.


The Beach, The Shopping Mall, The Park, The Airport, The hottest club – Figuring out your where in respect of holding your Promotion or Event is detrimental to make sure you have the right crowd and at the right time.


So, you are almost there. Only two more W’s to go! This aspect is an essential element for you to have the most success out of your next promotion. When will you be holding it? Such a broad question, will it be in Summer, Winter or will it be in raining weather, hot weather. Determining your when can help adjust where you will be holding your event, so you can get the most of your audience in one location.


The last point that is one to miss, but probably the most crucial factor of all. Why, is this promotion relevant, why will my audience enjoy, why are we hosting it, why are we pushing for this promotion.

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Bring the people power to your Marketing!


Multiple platforms and avenues of Marketing is absolutely crucial in today’s generation – It is becoming more significant that businesses, companies and brands are taking marketing to a whole new level.

As their competitors are doing more, reaching out and collaborating with other businesses, and overall just doing more marketing which means everyone in this sector needs to be doing something ‘different’ to their competitors!

From Social Media Platforms to your old school bread and butter marketing in the newspaper, radio and television ads, you see, and you hear marketing everywhere!

A lot of brands, businesses and companies lose that human touch and human connection by not utilising Promotional Staff and Brand Ambassadors to bring their brand, service or business to life!

Our clients have found the most powerful tool in marketing is people.

Having that people power behind your brand, company or business to showcase and support what you have to offer and your difference in the market. Using Promotional Staff can make a massive impact on your brand recognition, Brand Awareness, Business leads, sales and data collection.

Let’s talk about how Flash Point Promotions and our Promotional Staff, Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Models and Staff can bring the grunt and the people power to your marketing campaigns:

Product Launches:

Product Launches allows consumers to see your product in real life, touch it, smell it, maybe even taste it! Utilising promotional staff to engage with people, answer any FAQ’s and hand out samples or sell your product!

You will get REAL life feedback from consumers and potential customers.

Business Seminars:

Whether you are hosting an IT Seminar, A Business Seminar or Marketing Seminar promoting your seminar to boost attendees, guest satisfaction and potential sales. Having staff hand out promotional material and assisting guests with general questions.

Corporate Events and Functions:

Staffing your Corporate Events and Functions is important to make sure your event is smooth sailing and comes together in one piece! Whether you require staff to assist guests with registration, greeting, seating and handing out of promotional material, canapés and drinks for your guests – This will create a lasting impression and guest satisfaction!

New Retail Space Launch & Residential Property Launch:

Fantastic PR for your new retail space or residential property launch with utilising Promotional Staff to showcase the launch and increase foot traffic onsite! Having staff help promote the launch of your new restaurant, store, full retail precinct or residential property is a must!

Increasing traffic flow is the ultimate goal for this style of launch – Handing out product samples of new retailers, showing people through the new residential space and having booklets, drinks, food and other events & promotions going on so people come back and spend!

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What fuels your best Staff and keeps them motivated?


Overseeing a team of Promotional Staff, Promotional Models and Brand Ambassadors while also working in the Promotion and Event industry, I see first hand how easily your best staff will stop working for you or will become less motivated to pick up shifts with your agency.

We have outlined why your staff are unmotivated and what fuels your staff for you to keep them motivated and for them to continue working for you.

  1. Team Culture

Team culture is so important for any business, especially businesses on a large scale that are in younger generations.

Working for an agency is one thing, but working for a company that values their staff is another. Time and time again I hear agencies not meeting their staff, not knowing who their staff are and not catching up with their staff for Events, Parties, Annual Get togethers and celebrates.

At Flash Point Promotions we create a team culture that is based around being a big family – We make sure we have annual events to celebrate an awesome year and to bring in another great year ahead! If you have a good team culture within your business this will help your team feel motivated to go to work, knowing they are working with people they know and a company they want to work for and that they trust.

  1. Communication

Communication is key to all things business, whether it’s seasonal events and promotions we always stay in touch with our staff to make sure they know we remember them!

  1. Support

Having a support structure of a 1-point-of-call for everything knowing they have a backbone and someone to rely on if something isn’t going to plan, or having someone to call with a direct answer and solution to a problem. Your staff feel better and will do better on jobs knowing they have a set structure with who is charge for what.

  1. Lack of jobs

Sometimes agencies will have quiet times during certain periods of the year, in these times make sure you keep your staff occupied with in house jobs – Whether its advertising, marketing, business administration or in-house promotions this will not only keep them busy, but will help increase your business. Failure to provide jobs for your staff will lead them to be unmotivated and look to join other agencies.

  1. Rewards

If you have valuable feedback about your crew reward them! If they go that extra mile on a shift – Reward them. Rewarding your staff will keep them motivated whilst continuing doing the awesome job they were doing to increase the chance in getting rewards.

Have company rewards for your staff to work towards to make something fun, yet getting them to work hard! Whether it’s posting the best photo and tagging your business or the hardest working staff of the month receives a reward! Having that to work towards will keep your crew motivated and something extra to work towards, that will make them feel good!

Flash Point Promotions provides our staff with an awesome team culture, dedicated communication, 24/7 email, text and phone call support with one person for their contact. We reward our awesome crew and provide our staff with jobs that are within the our business when we are in our quieter seasons to help increase work load and to keep staff happy.

Knowing we treat our staff well – Means you will have motivated, happy staff ready to work for your company – So what are you waiting for?!

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Casual Staff VS Temp Staff

Let’s talk the difference between recruiting and organising casual staff in house and utilizing Flash Point Promotions as your staffing agency for temporary staff.

We find that most businesses agree with outsourcing temporary staff for a small hourly fee gives them an overall return on investment with little to no stress.

Using a repeatable Staffing Agency that provides screened, qualified and trained staff has increased in demand and is on the rise to increase within the next 12 months.

Is it the best solution to utilizing temporary staff over having your own casual staff? We say YES to Temporary Staff!

Casual staff are employed by you and for temporary staff you employ a staffing agency to outsource your staffing requirements.

The difference between hiring casual employees or temporary staff can mean the difference between immediate relief of paperwork, hours spent going through applications, interviewing and then to find after 3 shifts they have quit and won’t be returning to you again, sounds like fun managing casual staff…

So, why is Brisbane on the rise for outsourcing their staffing requirements?

Let’s talk time

What business has the time and can afford the time to organise all of the back-office functions of having casual staff and who wants to? The process would include – Recruiting, Screening Applicants, Interviewing, Payroll Set up, Training and Daily Organising of staff – This role is almost 24/7 365.

Does your business have the resources to handle this?

Let’s talk cost

OK, so maybe you do have the resources and the people power to handle it, but hey. What if we talked about the increase in overheads?

You would need to introduce a larger payroll, new insurances, certifications, systems, training and superannuation just to name a few.

Let’s talk the issues

After all the hard yards of back office recruiting, interviewing and your screened applicants are now no longer interested in the position – Back to square one.

We know that people are the most difficult to manage –  So what happens when you have no shows from your casuals on a Sunday morning and your staffing manager is out of the office for the day?

The awkward situations of being the one who must hire and fire.

Utilizing our services and using temporary staff can allow you to throw away the extra stress from Paper work, writing and advertising jobs, recruitment, increase in payroll which leads to new systems, procedures and overheads.

We have one question for you. What is your time really worth?

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Key Qualities Promotional Staff Require

We’ve seen it all, the good staff, the bad staff and the staff you wish you did not even interview.

Over the years we have learnt the traits you need to look for when you are hiring new Promotional Staff.

Your staff are representing your company, your brand, you as a business owner or employee, your clients company and their brand so you will need well-presented staff that are professional and confident.

A lot of people see Promotional Staff as just looks, but hey it is not all about looks – We have outlined the following attributes and key qualities you should look for when hiring new staff;


Confidence is the main trait you need In promotional staff. You can tell if people are shy over the phone by how they converse, check out their social media profiles and how they may portray themselves – a picture can tell a 1000 words!

If you do meet in person, check out their attire, how they converse, their body language and how they keep the conversation going and if it is engaging.


Take note of communication, how do they communicate? Do they keep the conversation flowing and interesting or are they keeping the conversation closed and awkward? When I interview new staff I make it the most comfortable and casual setting, I find this more beneficial as they be themselves andI want to get to know the real them. I find even before you meet in person you can find out within the first 30 seconds on the phone if they will be a good fit for the team.


This is one that is easy to pick out, but also easy to miss with how they portray themselves in the interview, they might shy away their true self. I once interviewed a girl who boasted about her achievements and how she would not want to do certain jobs as she is better than doing basic shifts or work, I respect that she might be more skilled, but you know what – Don’t apply. We love staff that are able to spread their experience and wisdom to all positions and roles.

Autonomous & Proactive;

Get them thinking on the spot! Yep, put them on the spot in the interview, get them off guard, no matter how awkward it is while they are trying to think for an answer. This way you will find out whether they can improvise, are proactive and can think of things autonomously.


Take note from the time they get back to you for a phone interview and the time they arrive to an interview. From time and experience I have learnt that if someone is late to an interview, do not even bother interviewing them. This is the first impression to you – The BOSS, imagine what they would be like with your jobs.

Nothing is more worse when a client has prepared an excellent event, but your staff are not on time or don’t show!

We hand pick our staff through phone interviews and face to face interviews. We understand the importance of meeting all of our staff to see how they interact, their approach, confidence and if their qualities reflect on what we require. This is one of Flash Point Promotion’s key differences – meeting all of their staff and creating a family not just a team!

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Promotional Staff

What are Promotional Staff?

‘What are Promotional Staff?’ – I get asked this question day in day out, when I am in a conversation with someone about running a Staffing Agency and what I do.

Putting it simply, Promotional Staff are employed by a business to promote their services or brand.

So what are Promotional Staff?

Promotional Staff are brand representatives that are hired to promote a product, service, business or company. Mostly hired by event management companies, shopping centres and companies choosing to promote themselves.

Where do you see Promotional Staff?

You have probably seen thousands of them, they are everywhere! From beaches, busy streets, trade shows, corporate events, VIP events, functions, shopping centres, music festivals and sporting events. They are usually geared up in the brands apparel to increase the brands recognition so they look like the staff of the brand they are promoting.

What do Promotional Staff do?

Promotional Staff does not just mean staff  standing there handing out fliers – Our Promotional Staff conduct the following:

Product launches, product samples, flyer distribution, data capturing, lead collection and more.

Our Promotional staff can cover you for Brand Activations and Experiential Marketing.

What other staff do you have?

We don’t just have Promotional Staff – We have Brand Ambassadors, Character Mascot Suit Staff, Promotional Models, Bar Staff, Wait Staff, Door Girls, Hostesses, Greeters – We have you covered for your Promotional Campaigns and Events!

Want to know more? Contact us here for our Capability Statement!

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The benefits of having Promotional Staff at your next Function.

Promote your brand, name or business

A hint of fun and difference – People will remember your brand

Add that extra hint to your brand with Promotional Staff for your next Function or Event.

The addition of having Promotional Staff promote your brand directly with guests is a great networking tool for you on a personal level and on a business scale.

it increases your connections and helps ensure people recognise the company name, the business logo and the person in front of the company.

Functions can always get busy, especially when you are hosting them. Having Promotional Staff incorporated into your function will leave the stress behind, so you can do what you do best

Our Promotional Staff don’t just talk to a few people that they think will be interested, they make it their goal to talk to every possible person at your event.

Instead of waiting for people to find your booth at an event or trade show – This makes a difference as your brand reaches more people, including people that wouldn’t usually go up to a booth at an event.

We read your crowd, hear what people think of your brand or business, they will even give feedback and recommendations.

Hiring Promotional Staff for an event always adds a difference to your brand, this will make guests remember you. Our Brand Ambassadors, Greeters, Promotional Models or even Mascot & Costume Staff can Assist with this!

Our Promotional Staff can do various activities at your next function including the following;

  • Greeting Guests
  • Guest Registration
  • Serving tapas and drinks
  • Mingle with guests
  • Gift Bag Distribution

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The Increasing Value of Experiences and What it Means for Marketing

While Millennials are still partly a mystery to marketers and developing specific marketing plans tailored to them, one big consumer trend which is known to have been brought about by them, though it now seems to be the norm amongst consumers of all ages, is the fact that they value experiences above material goods.

With the rise of social media, consumers are after experiences that will enrich their online profiles, and increase their popularity and likeability. It is no surprise then, that given the choice consumers would much rather spend their money travelling and exploring new places than getting a new TV or designer bag.

This is also confirmed when we see luxury and consumer goods companies reporting flat financial periods or limited and disappointing growth, while hotel booking websites and tourism industries worldwide continue reporting great financial performances.
For marketers what this means is an increased focus on experiential marketing. Trying to connect with customers on a personal basis, providing them with or facilitating, sponsoring and promoting memorable experiences, are the ways of raising brand awareness, boosting satisfaction, and creating lasting impressions.

This is the reason for the increase in promotional events happening around the world, as well as brands being featured in festivals and music events. What was once dismissed as mere marketing stunts, are now well thought-out events and experiences that provide a chance for consumers to engage with a specific brand.

If you are planning a promotional event as part of your experiential marketing campaign, it is crucial that you focus on the human aspect of making connections. You could have a great event planned, costing you a big chunk of your budget, but if you have the wrong staff talking to your guests, you’ll be limiting the success of your campaign.

It’s important you hire the right personnel not only for your event, but for your brand too. Matching your staff’s personality, attitude, and values to your brand’s, or at least to your brand’s objectives within the event, can be a hard job, but it really makes the difference. If you don’t want to go through the casting process yourself, it is easy to outsource it. Event promotion companies provide your business with event personnel to match your event’s needs. At Flash Point Promotions, we make a point to expertly match your event requirements with our competent and professional staff. From brand ambassadors and promotional models to character mascots and costume suits, we know the right people for your brand – and we are so sure and confident in our team that we usually accommodate for last minute bookings.